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Sharp Woodworks, Liberty, PA 16930

Sharp Woodworks is a father/son operation producing high quality wood products with either CNC routed carvings or laser engravings and providing Woodworking Gift Ideas.  Daniel has been in the Liberty area for many years and has had 20 years of experience in high end cabinetry products.  Dwight and his wife have lived overseas and have “retired”.  They are helping Dan to get his long dreamed of business up and running.  Everything produced by Sharp Woodworks is local.  We are a “Made in U.S.A. only” business.

Our shop is a little walk from our homes down through the woods onto the Liberty Borough road of East Hill Street.  The shop used to be a two car garage with a downstairs area.  As the business expands we have plans to make a large shop with a proper store in the front.  We hope we can do that soon.

We have been producing three dimensional carvings on tables, shelves, gun and fishing pole racks, taxidermy panels, habitat platforms and many other things which you can see on our web site www/sharpwoodworks.com.  We both love doing woodwork and thoroughly enjoy each item we make.  We work as vendors at many festivals and shows.  When we walk around to see what others have we always love to come back to our station because we enjoy our product the most.

Are you looking for Looking for Woodworking Gift Ideas? If yes then you are at right place. we have something here related to Woodworking Gifts that you will love. For more details contact Us right away.

It is our desire to please both God and our customers.  When an order is given to us we get it done right away and shipped off to the customers.  Many people have come to our shop to purchase things and sometimes, if it’s not too far away, we save the customer the shipping price by delivering the items personally.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Daniel and Dwight Sharp


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